About Our Company

H Two National is an executive search firm with a focus on providing high-quality recruitment services to the real estate industry across the full United States. The company was established in 2018, following the dissolution of Huntington Partners, an executive search firm co-founded by Leo Turley, who was also its President and Partner for over 27 years.

H Two National comprises a team of passionate recruiters who are dedicated to their work. They start their day by donning their headsets and eagerly engaging in the “thrill of the hunt”. The team includes Leo Turley, the founder with 39 years of recruiting experience, Katlyn Turley, who has been recruiting for a decade, and a group of skilled recruiters and support staff. The team has access to a comprehensive client/candidate database, industry resources, and LinkedIn RPS, all of which provide them with the necessary tools to deliver high-quality recruitment services.

H Two National’s team leverages its vast experience, state-of-the-art resources, and a proven search strategy to deliver more than just recruitment services to our clients. The team also serves as consultants to their clients, guiding them through a successful hiring process. Like many organizations, H Two National operates in a virtual environment, with recruiters based in Charlotte and Pittsburgh. However, their reach extends nationwide, as their resources and methodologies enable them to provide their services to markets across the country.

About Leo Turley, National Executive Search Firm: Director, Project Manager, Executive Recruiter/Huntington Partners, Inc.: President/Partner/H Two National LLC: Founder