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About Our Company

H Two National is an executive search firm with a focus on providing high-quality recruitment services to the real estate industry across the United States. Our company was established in 2018, following the dissolution of Huntington Partners, an executive search firm co-founded by Leo Turley, who was also its President and Partner for over 27 years.

We believe that you deserve to work with a recruiter or talent acquisition consulting firm that works hard to understand your unique hiring needs and challenges and provide tailored solutions.

We aspire to be everything you need in a hiring partner:

  • Quick
  • Courteous
  • Thorough

Above all else, we’re motivated to match your organization with the talent it’s missing — and we have the track record to prove it.

Experienced Executive Recruiters & Talent Acquisition Consultants

H Two National comprises a team of passionate and motivated recruiters who are dedicated to matching leading organizations in the commercial real estate industry with highly-qualified candidates using proven talent acquisition and recruiting strategies such as cold-calling.

Our recruiters start their day by donning their headsets and eagerly engaging in the tasks of a talent acquisition recruiter. The team includes Leo Turley, the founder with 40+ years of recruiting experience, Katlyn Turley, who has been recruiting for a decade, and a group of skilled recruiters and support staff.

Our team has access to a comprehensive client/candidate database, industry resources, and LinkedIn RPS, all of which provide them with the necessary tools to deliver high-quality recruitment services efficiently and cost-effectively.

Our team leverages many years of combined experience, state-of-the-art resources, and a proven search strategy to deliver more than just recruitment services to our clients. We also serve as talent acquisition consultants to our clients, guiding them through a successful hiring process.

About Leo Turley, National Executive Search Firm: Director, Project Manager, Executive Recruiter/Huntington Partners, Inc.: President/Partner/H Two National LLC: Founder

Where Does H Two National Work?

Many of today’s CRE employers are adjusting to hybrid and remote work models. We understand that each firm has unique business needs and thoughts about what type of organizational model best fits the intended work culture.

As part of our recruiting process, we encourage all clients to communicate at the commencement of each search if they desire local candidates only or are open to regional and/or national candidates. This allows us to execute a search strategy that’s truly client-centered.

We like to say that we search the same way that circles are created when one drops a pebble in the water. We identify local candidates first and then work our way out as needed and communicate where we are in the process every step of the way.

Providing Flexible Solutions Nationwide

We have experience in almost every primary and secondary city and then some tertiary cities as well. It does not take us long to become experts in a market and learn who the players are.

Our contact database is our starting point. Our resource material builds upon that. Our ability to network closes any gap so that we cover every market thoroughly.

Where we work describes not only the geographic locations we work in but also the situations and circumstances where we are engaged and called upon to help solve a staffing issue. This could be because of expansion plans and a new hire is needed, or it could be a confidential replacement, or it could be part of a succession plan for the organization.

Contact Our CRE Talent Acquisition Recruiting Firm Now

Our expertise is working with those in the commercial real estate industry, those developing, investing, and managing real estate in all of the income-producing asset classes, and who have mid- and senior-level professional staffing needs.

We work closely with the hiring manager, human resources, and executive team involved in the search to understand the role, the reason for the opening, the organizational structure, the culture, and all of the necessary details to promote the opportunity.

Curious about our executive recruiting firm and how we differ from other talent acquisition firms? Contact us anytime to learn more about what makes us the CRE executive recruiting firm you’ve been looking for.