Our Results-Driven Real Estate Recruiting Process

H Two National has a proven search strategy, a clearly defined executive recruiters search process, that produces results and solves the staffing needs of its clients. Engaging the right executive search recruitment process begins the right course of hiring. Success comes from executing the strategy.

We find a way to connect with the talent who needs to hear about our client’s brand and opportunity. H Two National uses the latest technology tools to identify qualified talent and make contact faster.

What Our Real Estate Recruiting Process Involves

How does our executive search and recruitment search process differ from the rest?

We employ the latest recruiting tools available in the industry today and use them to their fullest potential. This starts with our proprietary database of companies and candidates. It is coupled with real estate associations, lists, resources, and subscriptions that open the talent world to us.

We then move quickly to our tried-and-true method of recruiting – direct recruitment/cold-calling. This has never failed us and has never been replaced with any of the technological tools that have surfaced in our world.

We are thorough, tenacious recruiters who think through the recruitment process in real estate companies and ask ourselves these simple questions – “Who are the companies that currently employ the person that we are looking for?” and “What title(s) could they possibly have?” From there, we systematically penetrate each and every company to promote the opportunity to those who need to hear.

In today’s world of commercial real estate executive search, the headhunter recruiting process of contacting and connecting with people has become an art form. It involves a combination of calling, texting, emailing and InMailing to be able to communicate and promote new career opportunities.

We have the grit and old-school thinking that good recruiters need to succeed today. This means that we deliver results, not excuses, to our clients.

Our Executive Search and Recruitment Process:

  1. We conduct a conference call to discuss position, selection criteria, compensation range, and interviewing process.
  2. We recruit using the latest social media platforms, our proprietary database,  as well as the tried-and-true method of cold-calling candidates in recruitment.
  3. We filter the best-fit candidates looking at skill set as well as ‘stand out traits,’ cultural fit, and motive.
  4. We coordinate the interviewing process via phone/video interviews and/or physical interviews.
  5. We assist with the final candidate selection, reference checking, offer, and closing.

We Are CRE-Focused Cold-Calling Specialists

Many recruiters rely on today’s various recruitment tools to find talent. The problem with this approach is it’s very easy to rely on tools too much and use them as a “shortcut” for putting in the necessary effort, which can lead to finding and hiring talent that isn’t always the best match for a role.

Cold-calling candidates may not be as popular in the recruitment world as it once was, but that isn’t the case for us. We firmly believe that there’s often no substitute for rolling up our sleeves and putting in the work associated with cold-calling candidates.

Cold-calling is our “secret sauce.” While others have abandoned this recruiting technique for modern technologies, this remains a key component to a successful recruiting outcome. This technique maintains the human element and relationship component associated with talent sourcing, which are key to allowing the recruiter to learn about a candidate’s motives, soft skills, and personality. This analysis helps us to determine culture fit in a new company.

We do not rely solely on electronic communication to conduct the task of recruiting. We are a real voice that clients and candidates alike appreciate.

Our Commercial Real Estate Executive Search Database

Today’s real-time total number of candidates in our real estate recruiting database exceeds 243,000. We track real estate professionals’ careers and maintain good contact information on everyone. This is an organic list of professionals gathered from previous searches as well as those who have reached out to us because of our strong presence in the industry.

Our first step in every search is to dig deep into our database. We check it to identify known candidates who are a good match for your open requisition(s). It is rich with talent and identifies those who we call first for interest and/or referrals. But our approach to recruiting is truly customized to your needs by design.

Our Real Estate Recruiting Resources

LinkedIn RPS

Full access to a talent pool of active and passive candidates. 180M+ registered U.S. members.

H Two National Proprietary Database

243K+ organic candidates.

Platform Accessibility

5M+ properties nationally across all asset classes containing data: Property Size, Year Built, Leasing Company, Sales Company, Owner, Developer, Property Management Company.

Contact Database

Access to 32M+ mobile numbers, 150M+ email addresses, and 63M+ direct-dial phone numbers.

Direct Recruitment/Cold Calling

Contacted “one at a time” on behalf of our client using strategic resource material specific to the need.

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