Real Estate Recruitment Fees

Retainer format – % of first year compensation, 1/3 up front with balance due 10 days after start, includes guarantee on candidate placed.

Contingency format (on select searches) – % of first year compensation, full fee due 10 days after start, includes guarantee on candidate placed.

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Additional Services / Flexibility 

We would be happy to speak with you further to discuss your specific needs and how we may accommodate you.

Please contact us with any questions or to learn of any other services that we offer.

Custom Mini-Salary Survey

Make an educated offer in your next hire!

Hiring and making a competitive offer, one that will attract the best talent is a challenge today.

We understand that it’s a tough market and ensuring that you are competitive in what you offer is key.

A mini-salary survey can be ordered individually, or a survey can performed when you engage H Two National to conduct a formal search. Either way, we speak to real estate professionals identical to the role that you are looking to fill, in the specific market/region that you are looking to hire. This survey will provide you with a more targeted compensation range that is current for today’s talent pool. Additionally, we can provide insight into how the compensation is structured and how much of the bonus and benefits play into the total package.

Custom Mini Salary Survey – $500

(Note: A mini-salary survey is part of every formal search that H Two National performs.)

Compensation Guide (Free)

Please see 2024 Compensation Guide page.