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Relocation Expense Guidelines for Employers

Relocation is an emotional, financial, and physical move.  Anyone who has ever relocated knows this all too well.

Employers want to aid a new employee in a relocation, but they don’t want to break the bank.
New employees want everything paid for in a relocation, but there is a reasonable limit of what to expect from a new employer.

There is a balance, and there is some negotiating.  No two relocations are alike.

Here is a normal relocation package.

Number of trips:  2
Maximum room nights:  4
Reimburse travel, meals, and lodging for new employee and spouse

Term: Housing allowance until the sale of current residence, expiration lease agreement, or 90 days, whichever occurs first

Reimbursement of reasonable out-of-pocket moving expenses

If you are interested in learning more about our services or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are committed to providing excellent customer service and will be happy to assist you in any way we can.

How to Write an Offer Letter

An offer letter communicates an employer’s offer of employment and basic terms to a prospective employee. It should include the title, general description of the role, and its respective compensation package.

It does not need to be a complicated letter. In fact, it should be written using easy to read language, so the prospective employee easily understands its contents and is ready to accept an offer with few or no questions.

The letter should begin with an invitation to join the company and should note the title of the position being offered and the projected start date.

Next, it should list in an abbreviated version, or note an attachment, the responsibilities and duties of the position so that the individual comprehends the role and acknowledges their link to the title.

From there, it should include compensation being offered and frequency of payment for the first year of employment.

It should include all of the benefits of a new employee, things like health insurance, disability insurance, life insurance, profit sharing, 401K, holiday/vacation/sick/personal time, and any other employee benefit programs offered to employees. This should detail premiums, especially portions owed by the employee, enrollment dates/waiting periods, and notes that an addendum or benefit detail is part of the offer letter package.

Furthermore, it should communicate how business-related expenses or out-of-pocket expenses would be handled and how an employee would be reimbursed if such expenses are incurred by the employee.

If relocation is part of accepting and starting the role, the letter should define any relocation expenses that the new employer is willing to cover, like house-hunting trips, temporary living expenses, and household moving expenses.

The letter should mention the timing of any performance and/or anniversary reviews as well.

In closing, the letter should communicate that the offer is contingent on any and all background and reference checks being completed and returned with satisfactory results.

The letter should close with a signature from the hiring manager or human resource representative and should provide a signature line for the employee to execute with their signature.

With this, the employer and potential new employee have a letter of understanding so that both sides have reasonable expectations and a document to refer to when questions arise about the role.

Offer Letter Sample

The Old Dog

Leo Turley jokingly refers to himself as “the old dog” in the company, because he has devoted 38 years to the business of recruiting.  At age 24, he began his career the traditional way, as a recruiter, learned the trade, and then started his own company, Huntington Partners.  He was President/Partner of Huntington Partners for 27 years before dissolving it to start H Two National.

As CEO, he is selective in picking his team to ensure his recruiters maintain the old-school hustle and grit necessary to be a recruiter.  He provides the organization with all of the latest technology and tools to deliver the service that it pledges.

He is the “go-to guy” on our team who helps strategize each search to ensure that it is executed skillfully and efficiently.

At H Two National, you’re not hiring a team of junior recruiters.  You’re hiring “the old dog” and his tenured team, who deliver qualified and interested candidates quickly to fill your most pressing staffing need.

No ghosting here after we are engaged to conduct a search.  We are accessible via phone, text, and email day, evening, and weekends to get the job done for you.

Just be aware if you call on Saturday morning, you may hear the sound of Leo’s Harley in the background or Katlyn’s Goldendoodles in the background.  We will still do our best to take the call or return the call promptly.

Leo’s cell 724.640.5118

Katlyn’s cell 704.965.8309

Immediate Staffing Need – H Two National’s Timing/Response

A few examples of when a client says that it is an immediate need (“I need this person yesterday”), and H Two National listens and responds.

Search for Vice President Property Management (executive-level search)
5/27/2020 – Executed search agreement
5/27/2020 – First candidate and the one who received eventual offer presented to client
6/8/2020 – Offer accepted

Search for Regional Property Manager (executive-level search)
6/10/2020 – Executed search agreement
6/18/2020 –  4 candidates, 1 of whom received eventual offer, presented to client
7/10/2020 – Offer accepted

Search for Controller (executive-level search)
5/14/2021 – Executed search agreement
5/18/2021 – First candidate presented to client
6/7/2021 – Candidate who received eventual offer presented to client
6/25/2021 – Offer accepted

Search for Director of Property Management (executive-level search)
5/27/2021 – Executed search agreement
5/28/2021 – First candidate presented to client
6/10/2021 – Candidate who received eventual offer presented to client
6/25/2021 – Offer accepted

Search for Community Manager (single-site level search)
6/3/2021 – Executed search agreement
6/7/2021 – First candidate and the one who received eventual offer presented to client
6/18/2021 – Offer accepted

A Letter from the President – Introduction

I want to provide some background information on our search firm that you can read at your convenience. I know it’s a busy time for everyone, but I want you to know that we are here if you need us.

H Two National – Its CEO, Leo Turley, has 38 years in the Industry
H Two National is ready and poised to provide professional and meaningful executive recruiting services to the real estate industry nationally. The company was formed as a result of a dissolution of Huntington Partners, an executive search firm that Leo Turley co-founded and was President and Partner for 27 years.

What We Do – Executive Search / Real Estate / Nationally
H Two National recruits mid-level and senior level, including C-level, Development, Investment, Syndication, Finance/Accounting, Marketing, Leasing, Training, Asset Management, Property Management, and Human Resources disciplines for all types of income-producing real estate.

What Makes Us Different – Real Relationships & Real Results
We are passionate about providing excellent customer service and quality candidates to our clients. We work directly with clients in the real estate industry to understand their needs, culture, and ideal candidate. We live for the satisfaction of a job well done and will be here to pick up the phone no matter the hour to be there for our clients.

H Two National has a new and innovative way of recruiting that has helped to identify qualified and interested candidates faster!

Hiring right is a team effort, something done together, but it starts with a good strategy. The strategy that has worked for us for years is when tenacious recruiters promote our client’s brand and opportunity to those who need to hear. It worked then, and it works now!

Along with other recruiting tools, cold calling has remained our number one focus when recruiting. The world is becoming more automated and social media dependent, but cold calling is how we identify candidates who may not be actively looking.

We are all about the relationship, and we want to work with you in whatever way is most convenient. We’re not your typical pushy salespeople.  We care about the relationship and being real while helping you with your staffing needs.

We look forward to working with you as staffing needs arise in your organization!

Katlyn Turley | President

The Great Resignation: Why 4,000,000 People Quit Their Jobs

“As companies roll out their back to office policies, employers are experiencing a mass exodus of employees only one year after we’ve seen the highest unemployment rates since the great depression. This video explains how we might have got here.” – Katie Lynn (Youtube)

Thank you for your interest in H Two National. We are an executive search firm that provides professional and meaningful recruitment services to the real estate industry across the United States. If you are interested in learning more about our services or have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We are committed to providing excellent customer service and will be happy to assist you in any way we can.

H Two National is an executive search firm serving the commercial real estate industry.

Real Estate Asset Classes served:  Apartment – Hospitality – Land – Manufactured Housing – Medical Office – Mixed Use – Office/Industrial – Resort – Retail – Self-Storage – Senior Housing – Student Housing
Real Estate Disciplines served:  Development – Investment – Syndication – Finance/Accounting – Marketing – Leasing – Training – Asset Management – Property Management – Human Resources
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