Real Estate Asset Classes

At H Two National, we recruit professionals across a broad spectrum of:

  • Asset classes/property types
  • Disciplines/roles
  • Position levels

We recruit talent that thrives in the industry and is adept at leveraging their skills to help their employers increase ROI on all commercial real estate asset classes.

We recruit professionals in all of the following Asset Classes/Real Estate Property Types.

  • Apartment. Market rate and affordable apartments make up the multifamily asset class providing rental housing in urban, suburban, and rural areas.
  • Hospitality. Service industry real estate property asset class that provides lodging, both hotels and motels, food and beverage service, event planning, and more.
  • Land. Undeveloped real estate assets with the potential for future income-producing commercial development.
  • Manufactured Housing. Factory-built homes designed for placement in manufactured housing communities, a unique multifamily asset segment.
  • Medical Office. Specialized asset classes in commercial real estate include properties tailored for medical practices and healthcare services.
  • Mixed Use. Properties that integrate multiple real estate asset classes within a single development, such as multifamily and retail, or office combined with retail, hotel, and parking.
  • Office/Industrial. Commercial properties that accommodate real estate asset types like office buildings, industrial buildings, flex buildings, and other functional mixtures.
  • Resort. Asset classes in real estate designed to serve the tourism industry usually encompass many amenities and focus on guest experience.
  • Retail. Strip shopping centers, lifestyle centers, and enclosed malls include establishments that serve local communities and neighborhoods.
  • Self-Storage. Facilities designed for the purpose of renting or leasing individual storage space to consumers.
  • Senior Housing. Real estate asset class tailored for the elderly by providing housing from independent living to assisted living to 24-hour care.
  • Student Housing. Residential accommodations for college or university students, conveniently located near educational institutions.

Real Estate Disciplines

At H Two National, we believe in talent development and aligning top talent with companies to achieve the goals and needs of the organizations.

In addition to recruiting across just about every asset class in real estate, at H Two National, we recruit professionals in all of the following Disciplines/Roles.

Skilled Real Estate Development, Real Estate Investing, and Syndication (e.g., multifamily, office, self-storage) teams turn your visions into profitable projects. They bring innovation to every project, whether it’s executing new developments, strategizing investment opportunities, or creating unique financing structures.

The backbone of every property-related operation: Asset Management, Property Management, Marketing, and Leasing. These groups oversee and optimize policies and procedures to maximize property performance and value.

Finance & Accounting, Lease Administration, Training & Development, and Human Resources departments tackle all the administrative and support tasks. They collaborate closely to align business goals, implement strategies, and ensure smooth project execution.

Real Estate Position Levels

We recruit mid-level and senior level, including C-level, real estate professionals across all commercial real estate asset classes and property types.

Discover position levels that we recruit for in the income-producing asset classes/property types in real estate.

Mid-level positions, such as property manager roles start at $60K. Senior level positions, such as Director and Vice President roles start at $125K, while leadership C-level/C-suite roles offer the highest earnings of over $200K.

Typical Search Titles

Executive level
Chief Executive Officer; Chief Operating Officer; Chief Administrative Officer; Chief Financial Officer; Chief Accounting Officer; Chief Investment Officer; Chief Legal Officer; Chief Information Officer; Chief People Officer; President

Treasurer; Vice President of Finance; Controller; Internal Auditor; Director of Property Accounting;  Property Accountant; Financial Analyst

Head of Development/Investment; Director of Development/Investment; Senior Development/Investment Manager; Development/Investment Manager; Development/Investment Analyst; Project Development Manager

Head of Syndication; Head of Fund Development; Head of Acquisitions; Head of Transactions; Head of Asset Management

Head of Marketing/Leasing; Regional Manager, Marketing/Leasing; Marketing Specialist; Leasing Representative; Social Media Specialist; Customer Service/Relations Supervisor/Manager; Customer Service/Relations Representative; Digital Marketing Manager; Digital Marketing Specialist

Revenue Management
Head of Pricing; Pricing Manager; Pricing Analyst

Head of Purchasing/Procurement; Purchasing Manager; Buyer

Asset Management/Compliance
Head of Asset Management/Compliance; Senior Asset/Compliance Manager; Asset/Compliance Manager; Asset/Compliance Management Analyst

Risk Management
Head of Risk Management; Risk/Insurance Manager; Risk Analyst

Property Management
Head of Property Management; Vice President of Operations; Area/Regional Vice President; Regional Manager; District Manager; Area Manager; Senior Property Manager; Property Manager

Facilities Management/Maintenance Management
Head of Facilities Management/Engineering; Facilities Manager/Engineer; Head of Maintenance Management; Regional Maintenance Manager

Human Resources
Head of Human Resources; Human Resources Manager; HR Generalist; Compensation and Benefits Manager; HRIS Manager/Director; HRIS Analyst; Head of Training and Development

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