Relocation Expense Guidelines for Employers

Relocation is an emotional, financial, and physical move.  Anyone who has ever relocated knows this all too well. Employers want to aid a new employee in a relocation, but they don’t want to break the bank. New employees want everything paid for in a relocation, but there is a reasonable limit of what to expect from a new employer. There is a balance, and there

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How to Write an Offer Letter

An offer letter communicates an employer’s offer of employment and basic terms to a prospective employee. It should include the title, general description of the role, and its respective compensation package. It does not need to be a complicated letter. In fact, it should be written using easy to read language, so the prospective employee easily understands its contents and is ready to accept an

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The Old Dog

Leo Turley jokingly refers to himself as “the old dog” in the company, because he has devoted 38 years to the business of recruiting.  At age 24, he began his career the traditional way, as a recruiter, learned the trade, and then started his own company, Huntington Partners.  He was President/Partner of Huntington Partners for 27 years before dissolving it to start H Two National.

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Immediate Staffing Need – H Two National’s Timing/Response

A few examples of when a client says that it is an immediate need (“I need this person yesterday”), and H Two National listens and responds. Search for Vice President Property Management (executive-level search) 5/27/2020 – Executed search agreement 5/27/2020 – First candidate and the one who received eventual offer presented to client 6/8/2020 – Offer accepted Search for Regional Property Manager (executive-level search) 6/10/2020

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A Letter from the President – Introduction

I want to provide some background information on our search firm that you can read at your convenience. I know it’s a busy time for everyone, but I want you to know that we are here if you need us. H Two National – Its CEO, Leo Turley, has 38 years in the Industry H Two National is ready and poised to provide professional and

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The Great Resignation: Why 4,000,000 People Quit Their Jobs by Katie Lynn

"As companies roll out their back to office policies, employers are experiencing a mass exodus of employees only one year after we've seen the highest unemployment rates since the great depression. This video explains how we might have got here." - Katie Lynn (Youtube)

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