Leo Turley jokingly refers to himself as “the old dog” in the company, because he has devoted 38 years to the business of recruiting.  At age 24, he began his career the traditional way, as a recruiter, learned the trade, and then started his own company, Huntington Partners.  He was President/Partner of Huntington Partners for 27 years before dissolving it to start H Two National.

As CEO, he is selective in picking his team to ensure his recruiters maintain the old-school hustle and grit necessary to be a recruiter.  He provides the organization with all of the latest technology and tools to deliver the service that it pledges.

He is the “go-to guy” on our team who helps strategize each search to ensure that it is executed skillfully and efficiently.

At H Two National, you’re not hiring a team of junior recruiters.  You’re hiring “the old dog” and his tenured team, who deliver qualified and interested candidates quickly to fill your most pressing staffing need.

No ghosting here after we are engaged to conduct a search.  We are accessible via phone, text, and email day, evening, and weekends to get the job done for you.

Just be aware if you call on Saturday morning, you may hear the sound of Leo’s Harley in the background or Katlyn’s Goldendoodles in the background.  We will still do our best to take the call or return the call promptly.

Leo’s cell 724.640.5118

Katlyn’s cell 704.965.8309