Diversity & Inclusion (D&I), a two-part challenge.

Diversity – H Two National understands its part in this area.  We know the importance of a diverse workforce, and we search earnestly in the marketplace for candidates who are qualified and who represent the many backgrounds that our clients desire.

Inclusion – While H Two National understands this as well, it is more of the clients’ role after the hire to create a culture where all feel included, respected and appreciated.

The combination of these two create a balanced organization where ideas and productivity abound.

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H Two National is an executive search firm serving the commercial real estate industry.

Real Estate Asset Classes served:  Apartment – Hospitality – Land – Manufactured Housing – Medical Office – Mixed Use – Office/Industrial – Resort – Retail – Self-Storage – Senior Housing – Student Housing
Real Estate Disciplines served:  Development – Investment – Syndication – Finance/Accounting – Marketing – Leasing – Training – Asset Management – Property Management – Human Resources